Todd & Lisa Woolston, Senior & Co Pastors

 “My wife, Lisa, and I live in Virginia Beach and have four incredible daughters (feel free to pray for me now). Family is important to us, and if you spend some time with us, you’ll see how great we believe life can really be.

Lisa and I were in lay ministry for many years until 2005, when God led me to retire from law enforcement to enter the ministry full time. I was blessed to serve as an associate pastor until the Lord opened the door for an amazing opportunity to launch a new church plant in Virginia Beach in 2009.

I have a degree in administration of justice. People ask me all the time how I went from police work to pastoring a church — well, you would be amazed at the similarities. I went from helping people and saving lives to helping people and saving lives, but at a greater level. Lisa and I have a true desire to see people be their very best and the way God designed them to be. We feel obligated to freely give away our testimony so that others can be restored.

Leadership development is a passion of mine. When I’m not at church or studying, I love spending time with family and good friends, and I’ll fire up the grill for a cookout in a heartbeat! I’m also a night owl, so don’t be surprised if you get an e-mail from me around 2 a.m.”

Robert J. Worst, Executive Pastor & Jeannette

 “I live in Virginia Beach with my wife, Jeannette, and our kids, the J-Team.  Originally from Crown Point, Indiana, I joined the U.S. Army in 1985 and 20 years later retired.  The great part about my military experience is that I was able to travel across the globe; from South America to the Middle East, and share my faith with fellow soldiers as well as the population abroad.


My hobbies are reading, running, writing, and traveling...  Most importantly, spending time with my family and friends...


I have a Bachelor of Science in Management and Master of Management.  While professionally beneficial, my real education comes from the word of God and the tremendous impact it has had on my life and testimony. Having come from a background of a foster home and adoption, I understand the need for hope, encouragement, and stability in a person’s life so they can thrive and not just merely exist. Jeannette and I believe it is our purpose and calling to equip families with a strong foundation in Jesus Christ so that they can face the world as more than a conqueror.